How to Use Your Hidden Truth Jewelry (Personal Video)



Hi friend!

Thanks so much for being a part of the Hidden Truth family! We are so excited to have you. I wanted to give you a couple of tips of how you can use your new jewelry not only as a fashion statement, but as a powerful tool to encourage both you and anyone who sees you wearing it.

The reason I labor so much in making this and hand-making this jewelry is because I know God's word is on it. And it can be a powerful tool to encourage you as God's beloved daughter.

We here at Hidden Truth want you to be reminded that you are God's beloved daughter, that words are powerful, and that prayer is not hard. That is truly our message to remind you of God's love. All, right?

So how do you use this jewelry now that you have it?


1. The first way is - as you wear it, feel it with your hands. As you touch the texture remember the verse on the back.

As you're wearing that necklace throughout the day, something may happen to make you worry, just grab down, claim your necklace, and just be reminded, "Okay, God, I'm not going to worry about this, but instead I'm going to take it to you. I’m going to be reminded that when I give it to you, that peace that surpasses all understanding is going to fill my heart and mind, because you're in control."

When you actually take the time to claim your verse, fear flees. His word truly is powerful. So use this as a tool to encourage yourself to be reminded that God is with you and he's for you. Let his word be truly life-giving.


2. The second way you can use this jewelry is as a tool is to encourage other people. I don't really like it when people come up to me and they're preachy. But you know what, when somebody comes up to me and just wants to encourage me, I love that!

So if you're going about your day and someone notices your necklace, and says, "Oh, I love your necklace," guess what you could say?

You say, "Oh, let me tell you the best part about it," and just flip it over, and say, "This necklace has a Bible verse on it, and it says, ___[fill in the blank}___." And just let God's word go out and encourage that person.

You don't even have to expand upon it. You can if you want to or if they ask. But you don't have to. God's word says that his word will never return void. So let him do the encouraging to that person.


You just be the carrier to share what's on the back with that person. I promise, they will be blessed. God's already doing the work in their heart that you can't see.  He will use you to be the next stepping stone in that person's encouragement to be reminded of His love.

Your Hidden Truth jewelry is meant to be much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry. It's meant to be a tool to encourage you that you are God's beloved daughter, that His word truly is powerful, and that a relationship with him is not hard.

I hope that you will use this and enjoy this as much as I do, because God loves you.

Thank you again for being part of the Hidden Truth family!