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I meet women every day that are so dehydrated from the world and thirst for something...and I want to reveal the hidden truth that this something is JESUS!

Ashley Weston

Speaking God's hidden truth gets Ashley FIRED UP!!!

Speaking God’s hidden truth gets Ashley FIRED UP!!!

Topics that Ashley loves to speak about include...

• Leaving a Spiritual Legacy
• How to Dig into the Deeper into Scripture and Find Hidden Truth
• Living as a Woman of Faith
• Understanding and Living as a Godly Wife
• The Father’s Love
• Conquering the Battlefield of the Mind
• Remaining in the Lord
• Spiritual Disciple Basics

She absolutely loves sharing God’s promises of love, hope, peace, joy & forgiveness with people. The Bible says that Word of God is living and active and promises that when it goes out from our tongue it will never return void.

Ashley is so passionate about sharing the hope of Jesus with people because it has radically changed her life and she wants other people to experience the tender yet powerful touch of the Lord as well.  She meets women every day that are so dehydrated from the world and thirsty for something….and she wants to reveal the hidden truth that this something is JESUS! He is the giver of the living water and promises that whoever drinks it will NEVER thirst again!!!

Ashley Weston has been blessed with the ability to speak to women. She uses experiences from her own life to bring raw, honest, and transparent examples to help her audience connect, while speaking Biblical truth faithfully. God has also given her the gift of creating analogies that help women understand and apply scripture. She portrays the fruit of the spirit, overflowing with contagious love and joy. I’m so thankful for each and every opportunity to hear Ashley speak. I always come away encouraged with a renewed fire in my soul for Jesus!

Mellie B.

Ashley Weston is an enthusiastic and compelling speaker, and she was excellent in using her gifts for God’s glory during Fort Jackson’s PWOC mini retreat this year. Ashley taught our military spouse group about impressing the love of Christ on others, during every encounter, and it really challenged our ladies to apply this principle with practical examples and creative visuals. It it obvious to us all that the Holy Spirit has given her inspiring insight and boldness to minister to and encourage women of this generation, and it was an honor to have her as our guest speaker. We anticipate great things to come for this gifted speaker and minister in the faith!

Rachel W. (Military Spouse)

Ashley Weston belongs amongst the ranks of today’s greatest speakers. She is a gentle spirit with such a powerful calling. She is a quite engaging speaker that takes you on a journey of enlightening topics with a fresh, authentic perspective. She is captivating and her message is sweet and life altering. She’s someone you are never done listening to because her message is so compelling. When she enters the room, you feel and hear her sweet presence. She is easily one of my faves!

Bridgette R.

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