12 Online Bible Studies for Women

12 Online Bible Studies for Women

Have you ever found it hard to remain consistent in attending a Bible study or small group?

Between jam packed schedules, balancing the routines of a family, work life, and personal life, finding the time or motivation to attend a Bible study consistently can be challenging!

However, the importance of studying scripture and recognizing how vital it is to grow closer to Jesus is the same, regardless of how busy we are!

In this blog post, we're going to give you alternative ways to fervently study the Bible.  Even if you have a busy schedule, or little time there isn't any excuse! Now you can study the Bible anytime, and anywhere that you want!

Here are 12 online Bible studies that are completely free, and completely online…

1. “Choose Brave” (6 week study) 

This Bible study is for the woman who is struggling with letting fear, doubt, or insecurity keep her from living bravely in God’s prosperous plan for her life. This study tackles the reality of dealing with fear in an encouraging way and scriptural reminders of God’s desire for us to not have a spirit of fear.

2. “Truth Over Lies” (6 week study)

This study is for the woman who tends to believe the lies this world feeds her rather than walking in the eternal truth from Jesus. In going through this study, you will be encouraged and reminded of the solid foundation of truth that God gives us to walk in, because the lies of this world will only drain you. You will finish the study feeling encouraged and secure in His truthful love for you alone, without the lies this world tries to tell us.


3. “His Name Is…” (4 week study)

While traditionally used in the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas, this study was one of my favorites I came across! This study goes through four different names of Jesus, and the meaning, origin, and significance of the different names in comparison to others.


4. “Sold Out” (6 week study) 

Okay, so this may be the study I am most excited about sharing with you. This study walks through the 12 disciples and their encounters with Jesus that led them to walk in a “sold out” relationship with Him full of complete surrender, pursuit, intimacy, and willingness to obey whatever He called them to do.


5. Broken & Redeemed (6 week study)

Through the stories in the Bible of Sarah who dealt with infertility, and Naomi who struggled with loss, this study walks you through remembering the goodness and faithfulness of God amidst brokenness and times of struggle.


6. “Walking in Wisdom” (6 week study) 

This study focuses on the Godly wisdom found in the book of Proverbs in a topical way! In going through this study, the sometimes brutal transparency of the guidelines found in Proverbs are brought to a specific light based on the area you’re seeking wisdom in. Whether that’s in speech, your relationships, work, money, or temptation, this study will walk you through the incredible wisdom that is found in the book of Proverbs!


7. “You Are Forgiven” (8 week study)

In the feelings of guilt and shame that come with our sinful nature, sometimes we forget the simplicity of the Gospel and the beautiful grace and forgiveness we have through our Heavenly Father. This study will remind you of just that, and teach you to embrace the freedom that can come only through the sacrificial forgiveness we have because of Jesus.


8. “Growing Through Prayer” (6 week study)

We all know that prayer is vital for our spiritual life, but even still it is so often forgotten of just how important it is! This study looks at the traditional view of prayer as communication with God, but also embraces the often forgotten perspective that prayer is also communion with God; helping us to grow closer to Him.


9.“Made for Community” (6 week study) 

Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, married or single, a people person or a social recluse, we all desire to be known and loved by others. Unfortunately, the world we live in today makes God’s desire for us to live in community with not only Him, but also with others around us, harder than ever before because of distractions and lack of intentionality.

This study will encourage and enlighten you on how much God desires us to live in Biblical community with Him and the people around us, and ways to do that in a world that makes it harder than it’s ever been.


10. “You Are Loved” (6 week study)

The desire to feel loved is universal, however so often we tend to search for that validation and security in all the wrong places! This study reminds you of the eternal love of Jesus and how only through His love will you feel loved and secure, because the temporary things of this world will always fail you.


11. “The Source of Gratitude” (6 week study)

We often express gratitude towards earthly things like our house, or relationships, material things etc… This study focuses on the bigger picture and convicts us over where true gratitude should come from and be rooted in; Jesus.  

12. “Fear & Anxiety” (6 week study)

Everyone struggles with doubt, fear, and the “what-if’s” at some point. This heart posture will rob us of all peace and security that Jesus gives us through a relationship with Him. During seasons of worry and anxiety, it is vital to be rooted in scripture and the promises of God’s presence in times of struggle. This study looks at the Old and New testament and the abundance of scripture we are given regarding anxiety, doubt, and fear. Fear and anxiety is inevitable in life, but that doesn’t mean we have to let it triumph over the peace we have in Jesus.

    Regardless of which study you choose, or if you decide to do multiple, the encouragement and wisdom you will gain will only ignite you to grow even more intimate in your relationship with God.

    Bible Study Tip: Grab a few friends! 

    We encourage you to grab a few friends to do these with you or to join one of the Facebook groups that are provided with these studies! Having accountability while embarking on your 1st or 500th Bible study, not only aids in your fervency to remain consistent, but also helps implement the importance of Biblical community; even if that’s online!

    We pray that as you go through these studies, Jesus does just what He says will in Ephesians 3:20; "immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine." 

    Life change can come if you start taking studying scripture more seriously, and these resources should make that super easy!

    Once you finish a study you love, let us know in the comments!

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