How to Use Hidden Truth Jewelry as Tool for Sharing Jesus!

Mellie has a lot of reasons to love Hidden Truth Jewelry.

For her, it's not just beautiful jewelry, but a precious and useful tool. If she's going through something and needs some peace or some joy, all she has to do is feel her necklace and read the verse at the back that says, "I'm with You always."

This author and motivational speaker finds the necklace reassuring.  

"It brings me peace, joy, and hope, and just reminds me of God's Word. When I see that reminder, it’s like, "Yeah, that’s true. God is with me. I can do this!" Mellie says.   

Hidden Truth Jewelry is also a tool for her to reach out to other people. When passersby see the jewelry and say, "Oh, that's so pretty. Where did you get it?" she gets an opportunity to spread hope.

During these fleeting moments Mellie gets to share a message of encouragement. She gets to have conversations about God, pray for the person, or whatever it is that God leads her to do.

"That's one of the big reasons I love Hidden Truth - it's such a cool tool to help me and also to help others," Mellie shares.

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