5 Different Ways God is Speaking to You (Part 1 of 2)

5 Different Ways God is Speaking to You (Part 1 of 2)

Everywhere I go, I hear people saying the same thing..."if only I could hear God speaking to me....I pray, but I never hear God talking back to me..."

Is it really that hard to hear the Lord?  Do you really think the God who loves you so much that He sent His beloved Son to this earth to rescue us from death and redeem us completely would then abandon us and let us do all the talking in this relationhip and be silent?

I want to give you 5 different ways I often hear the Lord speaking to me.  My bet is that you are hearing God speak to you, but you just don't realize it.  I want to bring these to your attention, so you can train your ear to listen more clearly!!  The relationship Jesus has given us with the Father, himself and the Holy Spirit is better than amazing, and I want you to experience the fullness of God's presence as He is speaking to you!

1.  In Prayer:  When I begin praying, I totally submit myself to the Lord allowing the Holy Spirit to lead the prayer.  Normally, I start out the prayer with praise and thanksgiving, and I just listen for where the Holy Spirit wants to go in prayer.  At some point during the prayer, I can literally tell that the words I am praying are not my own, but it is Spirit who has now taken the lead to pray what's best for whatever I need that day.  As I listen to the words, my heart fills with joy to know that God is present with me and speaking to and through me.

2.  In Worship:  When I begin my time with the Lord every morning, I always start with a couple worship songs. As I am waking up and drinking my coffee, I relax, close my eyes and just listen to the words being sung.  I also listen for the Lord as often the Holy Spirit will highlight certain words as the song plays.  As I hear words highlighted and focus on the Lord with those words, I will often hear the Lord continue to whisper words of comfort, peace, confidence, love, or whatever I can tell He feels I will need for that day.

3.  While Reading the Bible:  As I read God's living Word, I go slowly and try to stay aware of any words or verses the Lord wants to highlight.  I open the ears and eyes of my heart to respond to God's leading.  When I feel Him "on" a certain word or verse, that's my cue to stop and park on that....I begin to think about it more and God will begin to unpack it even more and use it to teach me, correct me or comfort me.  I am completely submitted to Him and open to whatever and wherever He wants to speak with me about.

4.  While Journaling:  Many times after I pray, worship, or read the Bible, I will hear a fleeting whisper or thought pop into my mind and begin to write about it.  As I put my faith in action to begin writing, it's almost like the Holy Spirit takes over my pen and begins speaking/teaching me as I write. The words on paper just begin to flow and I continuously hear the Lord drive home a point He is teaching me.

5.  While Explaining a Message God's Taught Me to Others:  So many times, God will begin to teach me a point...I will see a picture in my mind or hear an analogy popped into my head....and as I explain it to my husband, friend...or whoever will listen, God will continue to teach me (and the patient listener) as I explain it to them.  So many times, I have wanted to high five the Holy Spirit as the words flow out of my mouth and everyone learns a great lesson!

Friend, God loves you.  God loves you so much.  You are His beloved child.  He wants desperately to converse with you.  It is not hard to hear Him...all you have to do is listen!

xo, Ashley

P.S.--Stay tuned for 5 more ways next week!!

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Sharon Henry on

So well put!! Thank you!!

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