How Confidence & Trust in the Lord Blesses You!

How Confidence & Trust in the Lord Blesses You!

"She confidently trusts the Lord to take care of her."

Psalm 112:7


Picture this wake up, and that creeping feeling of worry & anxiety about the laundry list of prayers you have continued to lift up the Lord presses in on your heart. 

"Does God hear me?  Is God going to answer these prayers?  How much longer will I have to wait God?  I keep trying to give these things to you daily, but it is really hard and I am getting tired...."

Can anyone relate? 

What would that same day look like if you still felt those same feelings, but instead combatted the worry and anxiety with these thoughts...

"God I trust you.  I know it has been a long time that I have prayed, but I believe you are at work for my good even though I don't see it right now and I am going to continue to praise you through this day.  I know you will take care of the things my heart cares about, in your perfect will, way and timing.  I am so grateful for all of the many blessings you have given me! God I believe you are faithful and am excited to see how you will work all things together for good!"

There is only one difference between the first and second scenario....continued perseverance in confidence & trusting God.  It's when God's Word actually becomes the dialog in your mind and you continue to claim it until you see it manifest in reality.  His Word is your weapon and you take captive every thought that challenges the faithfulness of that promise.

When we can truly take a hold of God's Word and disgard anything that's contrary....our heart, mind and soul become blessed with so many things!

1.  JOY--His Word brings His presence and in His presence is fullness of joy!

2.  FAITH--When we reject fear and believe His Word, hope comes to keep persevering in faith!

3.  PROVISION--Being confident God will take care of us opens our eyes to a heart of gratitude to see what He has currently given us and He won't let us down in the future.

4.  WISDOM--Trusting in God and letting go of our own ways let's us fall into Him and he leads us down a straight path.

5.  PEACE--God is peace, and when we open our hearts to trusting Him we can receive His shalom peace that feels like joy amidst any circumstance.

So the choice lies in your heart and mind each day.  Which scenario will you choose when those destructive thoughts target your mind like flaming arrows?  Will you decide to question God and allow fear, worry & anxiety flood your heart and derail you or will you take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ and let God's joy, peace, hope & strength rule and reign as you confidently trust in Him!?


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