Abundance Living in the Vine

Abundance Living in the Vine

John 15:5 says, " “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."


Success, prosperity, living life to the fullest, enjoying each day, being happy....all of these things are what we humans strive for, right?  

Well, I have some good news for you today, my beloved sisters in Christ!  As children of God, it is absolutely our inheritance to live a life of abundance....but let's go ahead and be clear....God defines what abundance means, not culture, society, or your ever fleeting feelings.

To live a life of abundance...and I mean truly fruitful...we need to look at what Jesus taught us in the above passage.  He said that HE is the vine and WE are the branches.  When we are in HIM we are fruitful.  When we are in HIM we can live life abundantly.  

God truly encouraged me last week when I was studying this scripture with the revelation, that once I am saved, I am in the vine.  But more importantly, when I am living my life for him, seeking His Kingdom and righteousness first above all, then I can truly be fruitful....or in other words when I am IN the vine, then all that Jesus carries, I also carry.  

Did you catch that?  ALL that Jesus carries, WE carry!

So let's break it down a little further....when I am in the vine, if Jesus is peace, then my right as a child of God is peace.  If Jesus is victory, then in Him, I can expect victory (again defined by God's standards).  If Jesus is freedom, then I can walk in that freedom.  Shall I continue, or do you catch the point? As I choose Jesus, then I am choosing everything that he is and can walk in that!  

Friends, this is REALLY good news!  When you are in the vine aka in Jesus, you are a part of him...you are a part of all that he is!  Just believe this truth and walk in it.  Claim it.  Receive it.  His abundant life is available every second of every day, but it is only accessed by living in Him...in the vine.  

And believe me....you don't want it any other way!

Much love #truthcarriers


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