Check Your Alignment

Check Your Alignment

"Seek first His Kingdom and righteousness and all these

things will be given to you."  

Matthew 6:33

This past weekend, we took our 10 year old son up to Pinehurst, NC to play in a golf tournament.  He has practiced 8 hours a day all summer long preparing for the July tournaments and worked tirelessly to have his golf game in top shape. 

Friday morning at 10:06am he teed off hole #1 at Pinehurst #1 and right off the tee box hit his first shot far left into the pinestraw and trees.  "What happened?" He asked his caddy (aka Daddy).  His swing was flawless and ball strike perfect....but his feet weren't lined up towards the hole...and the ball went exactly where his alignment pointed....the trees.  He quickly fixed the problem and lined up properly for the next shot, but it cost him mental frustration and getting behind on the first hole.

In your journey as a Christian following Jesus, alignment is extremely important, just as it is in the great game of golf.  Matthew 6:33 says, "Seek first His Kingdom and righteousness and all these things will be added unto you."  Where your feet are pointing, where your eyes are fixed upon, and how your heart is submitted makes all the difference.  God has created you with amazing gifts and skills to fulfill the beautiful purpose He planned, but if you are not aligned to seeking Him first, your days, years and life will not be the abundant life He planned for you.

Check your alignment:

1.  Where are your eyes focused?  Fix them on Jesus, seeking Him first when you awake and throughout the day.  Talk to him, read his word and listen for where he wants to lead you.  Each day has the potential for the most amazing adventure if we will look at him instead of getting distracted by the promises of the world.

2.  How is your heart submitted?  God's ways are best and if we can have courage to surrender control to the Lord instead of trying to do things our own way, we will find the truest desires of our heart fulfilled.  Humble yourself before God and He will lift you up.  Receive His perfect love which will satisfy the deepest yearnings of your heart.  Worship Him as King of kings and Lord of lords and turn your affections towards Him.

3.  Where are your feet pointed?  Line your feet up to follow the path Jesus is leading you down.  Start with knowing His Word and setting your feet to obeying it.  Listen for the Holy Spirit's whispers of direction and follow.  He will set your feet upon His unshakeable path!

Many blessings friend!

XO Ashley

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