Discouraged? Let's Ditch Hopelessness

Discouraged? Let's Ditch Hopelessness

1 Peter 1:6 (NLT) says, "So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while."


Hopeless from a health issue? Discouraged from the financial pressures and burdens that are suffocating? Worn out from the fight in that relationship? Read on friend, because I have good news for you!

The Bible is clear that enduring trials and hardships are a part of the human experience. Jesus said in John 16:33 that we will have troubles.  Peter tells us above that we must endure trials. We are told many times we must fight the good fight of our faith.  

We have all experienced trials.  We have been through pain.  Yes, it is not pleasant....sometimes so painful it can be crippling.  Well friends, I am here to tell you that this trial, this hurt, this pain is not the end of the story.  God encourages us that there is good news ahead.  We can be truly glad.  We can have hope each and every day when we wake up.  Mountains are still being moved.  Strongholds are still being loosed.  Giants are still being slain.  Bodies are still being raised. Wonders are still what God does. 

Let me prove this by sharing a story with you.  3 weeks ago, a lady (Micki) reached out to purchase a necklace for her sister (Judy).  You see, she wanted to encourage her sister with a necklace to wear every day.  This sister has been fighting for her life.  Stage 4 Breast Cancer has been beating down her door and seeking to take everything from her.  But since God is not only a promise maker, but a promise keeper, this determined Daughter of God wasn't listening to these death threats, but turning to God for peace.  Yes, Micki gifted Judy with a necklace that says, Joshua 1:9, "be strong and courageous."  

As most of you know, the Lord commissioned me to pray over each person that purchases jewelry, so after she purchased the piece, we lifted Judy up to the Lord and in the authority that Jesus has given us, His Daughters, we told cancer to go!

This past Thursday night, Judy reached out to me to tell me not only did she love the necklace, wear it daily and claim God's promise on the back, but she had just gotten the most recent test results back and they came back normal!  Yes!  God heard from on High and healed Judy!  Wonders are still what He does!

Friends, claim this testimony as your own.  No matter what mountain of hopelessness is in front of you, no matter how bad the situation seems, no matter what anyone says, take it to God! He's the mountain mover, chain breaker, miracle worker!  Walk by faith and not by sight.  Don't listen anymore to the lies swirling around, but trust God.  Pray and then rejoice, because there is great joy ahead!


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April Lance on

This spoke to me today . Also my 21 yr. old son was having a bad day and I forwarded the verse to him . Thank you for your devotionals!

Carol Finethy on

This gave me chills!!! God is SO good to us!!
Thank you for sharing Judy’s story!!

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