Don’t Let It Build Up

Don’t Let It Build Up

”Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ God forgave you.”  Ephesians 4:32

As I walked into my beloved hubby’s closet yesterday, I was completely shocked by the Mt. Everest sized pile of clothes laying on the floor! And then, the Lord gave me the perfect analogy to relate to a much more serious issue most all of us have struggled with in the past or are struggling with now...

I heard the Lord lovingly whisper in my heart these words, “how simple would it be to just put the clothes away right after you wear them each day? It only takes seconds to do, but if you don't then it will be a mess to clean up that will take much longer.  Forgiveness is the same way, beloved Daughter. My children do this all day, every day with bitterness and unforgiveness.”

As I thought about the correlation between taking immediate action for putting clothes away each day and dealing with anything that happens during the day that could cause hurt, pain or anger, I quickly saw the mountain of problems it causes if we let them “build up.”

The Lord teaches us in the Bible to be quick to forgive and slow to become angry.  It’s really for our good as medical studies even show that unforgiveness breeds anger and swallowed anger results in depression!  Yikes, that’s a scary thought that even though it seems like forgiving others is letting them off the hook and to their advantage, YOU, beloved child of God benefit most.

Just like I hang up and put away clothes each night after wearing them (because it only takes seconds to do), each morning during my time with the Lord, I do a mental, emotional and spiritual check to release any hurt, pain or bitterness to him and forgive any offenders.

No matter how painful, you must forgive because Jesus forgave you and by forgiving those who hurt you, you are following his commands and will be under his loving hands of protection. I am not by any means excusing hurts or wrongs (because I can relate, sister), but I am begging you to please surrender them to Jesus.

If you are really struggling with this, don’t let it build up any more and confide in a trusted friend to pray for you and with you in this.  I promise you, no matter how hard, it’s worth it.  It’s the only way to freedom and to save yourself from years of hurt and pain from the build up!

Take a moment right now, pause, and ask the Lord if there is anyone you need to forgive.  If someone pops into your mind, then say, “Lord, thank you that you have forgiven me for all of my sins.  Forgive me for any unforgiveness towards (fill in the blank).  I forgive them.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!”

Press on #truthcarriers towards God’s amazing abundant life of joy, peace, love and hope!



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