Ever Wish You Had a Magic Diet Pill?

Ever Wish You Had a Magic Diet Pill?

Psalm 34:8, "Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him."


You have heard it from almost every woman you know...."If only I had a magic diet pill I could take to lose weight." Yes, how we wish hard things in life could be made easy with the snap of a finger, blink of an eye, or yes even a magic diet pill.

With all the turmoil in the world right now, things seem more uncertain than ever before.  People are overwhelmed, hurting, angry, bitter, scared to death, and struggling.  As I sat down and reflected upon this verse above, God began to whisper reassurance and powerful truth to combat these volatile emotions that people are feeling right now.  The Bible encourages us in James 4:8 to draw near to God because God promises to draw near to you when you do.  Faith is putting confidence in uncertainty...trust in something you cannot always see, taste, touch, feel.  You take one step towards trusting God and He will take a thousand steps towards you.  

So drawing near to Jesus daily really is the "magic pill" for what you are facing.  You must taste and see that He loves you, that He's near to you, that He will provide for you, that He will help you face whatever you are facing, to be able to see that everything God is, is good.

How you ask?  It might be different for each person. It's not as important about what you do, but about the posture of your heart.  It's turning your heart to the One you put faith in is right there.  Maybe it's a simple whisper of "Jesus help me."  Or maybe it's a planned out 15 minute devotional time of prayer and reading your Bible.  Or maybe it's playing a worship song and allowing yourself to get lost in resting in the promises of God.  Or maybe it's even leaning on a friend to pray for you, give you wise advise, or encourage you God will work everything out.  No matter what that "tasting" looks like, it's always involves turning your heart and affection to Jesus.  It's a total reliance on Him, versus yourself or another person.  Every time you do, Psalm 34:8 promises you will be blessed as you make Him your refuge.  

Ready to take the magic diet pill?  Here is it....it's free, abundant and at your disposal now and always....His name is Jesus and he loves you so much. Swallow BIG!




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