Experience His JOY!

Experience His JOY!

Psalm 16:11 says, "In your presence there is fullness of joy."

So if I say the phrase "quiet time" what comes to mind?  What is your idea of having a quiet time with Jesus?  And in your experience, what has that been like for you?  Be honest...good, frustrating, strengthening, no change?

Over the past 30 years, I have pressed in hard to discover true joy from a "quiet time."  When I first became a Christian at age 12, I began having a quiet time with Jesus because it was the "right" thing to do.  I didn't know what it meant, so I would pray and then open the Bible to read.  Sometimes I would start at the beginning of a book in the Bible and other times I would play "Bible roulette" and just read wherever I opened to.  This was good and all, but I don't think I ever truly experienced true joy after my time with the Lord.

Fast forward to today and I think I have finally begun to experience true abundant life everytime I hang out with my BFF aka Jesus.  And so I want to give you a peak into what that looks like in hopes that it might bless you!

To begin, I want you to think about your most favorite person to hang out with.  And picture the two of you going out for a lunch date.  I would say that as you enjoy a nice meal together, there is laughter, heart to heart conversations, maybe even dreaming about doing fun things together...you name it, it's just a good time!

What if when you spent time with the Lord, it could be even better than this?  Read on...it is!

Each morning, I excitedly get out of bed ready to meet with Jesus!  I grab a cup of coffee (truly a gift from above), go to my favorite seat in the house and then close my eyes as I listen to worship music.  I ask the Holy Spirit to prepare my heart for Him as I sip on coffee, focus my attention on Him, and listen to the promises of God being sung.  Ironically, even though my body just rested the whole night physically from sleep, my spirit needs to be prepared to rest all day long in my Daddy's tender care.  Some days I might listen to 1 song, and other days I might need 3 or 4.  I let the Holy Spirit lead and wait until I experience His supernatural peace sweep over me and then fill me to overflowing with JOY. 

Then I talk with him.  Some days it might be just words of gratitude and love.  Other days it might be true prayers of petition.  And other days it might just be declaring His powerful and active Word over my life and situations.  As I talk with Him, I always listen for Him talking back with me.  And He does!  You can always tell it's the Lord talking to you because it sounds like whispers of love to your heart...even in instruction or correction, it still feels like love.  Never condemnation.

And then like the icing on the cake, I enjoy reading His Word.  It never gets old.  Everytime I read it the Words activate my heart.  I can not only hear the words, but also wisdom in how to apply to my own life.  Isn't it amazing that no matter what you read, when you read it, fresh revelation comes that you can apply directly to whatever situation you are in?  I read for as long as I can....as long as I have....some days it's so hard to stop reading because spending time with Jesus is just too good!

This time prepares my heart for the whole day.  Rivers of living water from the Holy Spirit get poured in the form of strength, joy, peace, wisdom, and love.  And no matter how much I get poured out that day....those streams never dry up.  

This can be your day too.  You definitely don't have to have a quiet time like mine, because God created us all differently, but I just wanted you to know that there is so much more to experience of God.  He is so good, and whatever "stigma" you had with the word "quiet time," take it to God and ask Him to blow fresh revelation on!




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