Get rid of FEAR...

Get rid of FEAR...

1 John 4:18, "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love."


For years I have struggled with fear...worry, anxiety, doubt, fear....however you want to call it, I have allowed myself to become the victim of the deadly trap of this nasty lie of the enemy.

The other day, the Lord pierced my heart with His truth and destroyed the root of this ugly demonic stronghold, and I pray in the next few moments you will receive freedom as you choose to trust God's truth.

Here is what the Lord whispered into my heart...

Fear comes from believing the lie that defeat, loss, lack, and failure are a possibility.  Fear relies upon self.  Fear tempts you to take matters into your control because you cannot see God at work...causing you to walk by sight (blindly might I add) and fall right into the enemy's trap to experience exactly what you feared.

And then, God destroyed that lie by whispering His truth...

Faith says failure, defeat, loss, and lack are not a possibility because as a child of God, I am standing in His perfect love.  Faith gives up control with open hands because it trusts God's powerful, loving, victorious Hand to lead and work everything out for my good and His glory. Faith says, defeat is not a possibility because the One whose name is victory lives in me and I in him.

Fear leads to failure

Faith leads to victory

Fear is a choice.  Faith is a choice.  You will be presented with this choice almost everyday.  Are you going to rely upon yourself and cross your fingers everything will work out, or will you choose to deny following feelings and keep your eyes on the One who alone can see the right way to go.  

The choice is yours, what will you choose?

Make this declaration with me today:

Jesus, your perfect love casts out fear.  Fear has to do with punishment.  Thank you that you took the punishment for me on the cross so I can stand covered in your forgiveness and righteousness.  When my feelings tempt me to worry, fear, or have anxiety, give me the strength to choose faith instead.




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Sharon Henry on

Thank you!! I needed this today! I recently had old autoimmune and adrenal symptoms to return, and I’ve been in fear about what my days will look like. I’m in a very busy season, so I need the opposite of this – I need extra energy LOL! I am just grateful that I know Jesus as my savior, and peace comes just from saying that. Join me in prayer that I will trust the Lord today and tomorrow, if He grants it here on this earth. Thank you so much for your faithfulness; I hope to follow in your footsteps with my tiny little business, giving hope, the hope of Jesus, to all who will listen.

Hugs in Christ,
Sharon Henry

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