God is Within You

God is Within You

Psalm 46:5 says, "God is within her, she will not fail."


When you became a believer, the most wonderful supernatural transaction took place.  God put His Holy Spirit within you.  The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is now in you.  Take a moment and reflect on this truth.....God is within me....


What would your life look like if every thought you had remembered this truth?


Unexpected bill pops up that makes you want to fear....health concern arises...relationship difficulty blindsides you....and to each and every fear that wants to take your mind captive you say, "But God is within me!!"


That circumstance may arise, and it may be difficult, but God is within me.  God raised Jesus from the dead, God created the world, God is victorious, God has got the final say so, God is the alpha and omega, God is for me, God loves me, God is my Daddy....to each and every thought you say, "BUT GOD!"


Let's try that this week....You claim this one verse, this one truth.  Use it as your sword.  Keep it at the door of your mind to guard any negative thought aimed to harm your emotions and get you on that path that leads to destructive harmful thoughts.  You claim, "But God is within me and I will not fail!"  Ever!  No matter what today holds or tomorrow boasts, God is within me.  Period!


We are in this together my sweet sister!  



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