Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, "God has made everything beautiful in its time."

A few days ago, I bought my favorite flowers at the store; Lilies.  Not only are they beautiful, but once the flower is ready to bloom, out erupts the most amazing fragrance that fills up an entire room with pure heaven.  

This morning as I awoke and walked into the kitchen for my daily routine of making coffee and then time with Jesus, I noticed a few of the lilies I bought days before were beginning to go from tight closed buds to opening into a magnificent flower!  Immediately as I gazed upon this white beauty, I heard the Lord whisper to me about how He causes everything to work together in perfection at the proper time.

In a millisecond, I was reminded how crucial it is to always trust God and His unknown ways and uncertain timing and never try to force my own timing out of sheer impatience.  You see, if I had tried to force this beautiful Lily to open myself, I would have not only broken the leaves, but ruined the treasured fragrant jewel forever.  It can only be as it was created when it operates on the timing set by God and God alone.

And so it is also with us. Waiting is hard.  Waiting on God is hard.  Waiting when you don't see God working and not giving into the temptation to take matters into your own hands is a true test of faith.  But I am again reminded by this simple flower, that if I want to reach my truest potential and the abundant life God has for me, it is imperative that I trust in Him alone and patiently await His leading and His timing. And oh how wonderful it will be when I see His plans for my life come to full bloom!!

Much love my Hidden Truth Sisters!

xoxo Ashley

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The Renkens on

This message was more impactful than you can know for today. Thank you, Ashley.

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