Receive the gift of PEACE this Christmas

Receive the gift of PEACE this Christmas

"See, the virgin will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and they will name him Immanuel, which is translated “God is with us.”

Matthew 1:23 CSB

To say this year has been crazy is an understatement.  And as a Christ follower, I would say that the Lord has allowed me to experience what my best friend calls, "a divine roller coaster."

 Along with all that crazy, has been so many sweet moments of intimate connection with Jesus and growth in so many areas.   Just like going to the gym requires bursts of strength to lift heavy weights, the faith journey this year has required so many moments of strong faith to resist all the enemy's attempts of fear.  But the sweetest thing happened somewhere along the journey in my daily time with the Lord....PEACE....sweet unexplainable peace.  

Normally, I am a JOY person.  I get bursts of joy in waves and I know that's God's presence with me.  If you have ever seen one of my social media videos, you will know that I tend to get a little passionate (to all my friends out there who give me a hard time, I know you love me!!).  But this year, or shall I say in particular the last 6 months, I have gotten bursts of PEACE as I spend time with Jesus.  I know his presence is with me when he allows me to experience what I now call the "spiritual massage."  Yes, I know Jesus is with me always, but the true gift is not only knowing that but also experiencing that in the moment. And what I have experienced is literally like a relaxing massage, but just with the peace of Jesus!

 With all of this said, I don't think I am special in that this sweet experience is JUST for me!  No, I say all of this to encourage you, dear sister, that this can be your experience when you spend time with Jesus.  And if you are reading this today, and are in need of this, I am certain you will find this as you seek him.  All it takes is that you come hungry.  Come to sit at the table with Jesus during your morning time, expectant.  Sit quietly worshipping with your favorite praise and worship song and listen....and wait.  Just worship him and wait.  The Bible is clear in Matthew 7, that if you ask, seek and knock, it will be given to you! 

So this week as you prepare your heart for Christmas, spend a little extra time with Immanuel, God with YOU, and wait on that beautiful spiritual massage of peace in the greatest divine exchange ever.  He wants to take all of your fear, hurt, pain and hardships from the residue of 2020 and give you His peace.  Jesus, God with us, has all peace, because He is the Prince of Peace.  Receive Him and receive peace.

Much love dear sister and Merry Christmas!

XO, Ashley

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