Reset for Victory: 5 minute Huddle with Jesus

Reset for Victory: 5 minute Huddle with Jesus

Philippians 3:13b-14 says, "But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."


Summer is over....who's excited for some College football starting up in just a couple of weeks?  When I think about football, I don't just think of the coach, or the quarterback, or one player in I think about the team.  It's the team that makes the sport great, when they all work together in a way that crushes their opponent and leads to a sweet victory.

Today, I want you to think of yourself as the quarterback.  You are on the National Championship team that wins every year because you have the All-Star Coach, Jesus Christ.  But even though you know you win, you must still work hard everyday making the plays that will lead you to victory.

Here are 5 tips to reset your mind in this new season that will lead to victory everytime:

  1. Jesus is the Coach:  You must never lose sight that Jesus makes the plays, He calls the shots, and His strategies will win every time.  As the quarterback, it is your job to listen to His plays each day and follow them. Spend time each morning talking to Him and reading His playbook (the Bible.)
  2. Train to Win:  A winning athlete works out and does drills to make him/her efficient and effective on the field.  He/she eats the right food that will also maximize all training efforts.  In the game of life, you must train yourself spiritually and feed your mind the right things.  Think on scripture, memorize it, speak it and walk it out daily.  It might be hard to follow at times, but the more you "train" by it, the more your "muscles" will adjust to it.
  3. Know when to Rest:  Each athlete needs downtime.  Even the best of any sport takes time for their muscles to recover and their mind to reset.  Make sure you leave enough margin in your day and week to rest.  Rest is crucial to you spiritually so that your training is maximized and any injury is prevented.
  4. Connect with your teammates:  You as the quarterback do not make up the team.  No, you must be surrounded by like-minded players that share a common goal.  Your brothers and sisters in Christ are crucial to your survival and success on the field.  Talk to them, go to them, and also be there for them as needed. You cannot do life alone and it will be a joy to share life together.
  5. Play your Best:  You are the leader of your pack, you have an audience watching, and since you have the best Coach in the world, you have nothing to lose.  Reject all fear and worry, and trust the coach's plays work.  Your job is walking by faith, and His job is all the rest.  And when you play your best, you will not only enjoy the best life God has given you, but you will inspire all onlookers.

So, get out there, train hard, listen to the coach and do your best.  Take each day at a time, and know you are not alone in this.  You have a team around you (family, friends, church) and as you look to Jesus, each day is filled with the potential to be better than the last.



Ashley (your fellow teammate)

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