Summer Survival: 5 Minutes with Jesus Every Morning

Summer Survival: 5 Minutes with Jesus Every Morning

Proverbs 16:3 says, "Commit to the LORD everything you do. Then your plans will succeed."

Summer is here, "Hallelujah!"  Oh, how I do love the warmer temperatures of summer, long awaited beach vacations, and more relaxed days with kids out of school.  There is so much to be grateful for in summer.  However, if you are anything like me, fitting some time in with Jesus every Summer morning can get, well, let's face it....put on the back burner.  Yes, routines are altered with lots of activities going on and that much needed morning devotional time get replaced with whatever your ever changing daily schedule is...

So with that in mind, I wanted to challenge you to commit to just 5 minutes with Jesus every morning (come on we can all make time for that).  I promise, it will be the ONLY way that you can truly survive and thrive this Summer!  It might not seem like it, but just 5 minutes with the Creator of the Universe can lay the foundation for whatever last minute surprises each day might bring and all the while fill you with great joy!

So how do you do it?  Well, this is what I am going to do, so join please join me!  Pray-Read-Pray for 5 minutes.  Yep, start each morning with:

1. Pray: A quick Good morning Jesus! Ask Him to open your eyes, ears and heart for whatever He wants to teach you that day. 

2. Read: Open up your Bible to the book of Proverbs and read one a day.  Of course you want to have your handy dandy journal close by in case you want to jot down anything the Lord impressed upon your heart.

3. Pray: When you are done, pray and ask the Lord to give you wisdom to apply His Word throughout your day!

Simple enough?  Try it, it might just be the answer to prayer you have been praying for!!!


Much love #TruthCarriers


Founder, Hidden Truth Jewelry

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