Where Are You Looking?

Where Are You Looking?

Psalm 34:10b, "Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."

This morning as I began to worship the Lord, I "randomly" turned on a worship song from YouTube and what began to play quickly became the theme and message the Lord used to encourage me greatly during my quiet time....

Here is what played....the lyrics from the song, "God I look to you," by Bethel Music:

"God I look to You, I wont be overwhelmed
Give me vision to see things like You do
God I look to You, You're where my help comes from
Give me wisdom, You know just what to do" 

As I listened to the song, God asked me, "Ashley, pay attention to where you are looking..." And I propose this question to you, dear brother or sister in Christ.  Where are your eyes focused?  

What I realized is that, where my eyes are looking will greatly impact my day, and the trajectory of my life.  Think about if you were driving a car....if you are looking straight ahead at the road, then it will probably go well for you.  But if you are looking around at all the scenery, or maybe at an accident that happened along the way, then you could get yourself in some serious trouble!

God also showed me that where I look to will reveal to my what my heart is trusting, believing, turning to....am I turning to myself, others or even an idol in my life instead of God?

Where we are looking is ultimately what we are seeking.  And the Bible is very clear on the promise and blessings associated with where that is!  

Psalm 34:9 and 10 both talk about seeking and fearing the Lord....and when we do, the promise is that we will lack nothing.  Our hearts will be filled with peace, we will be given supernatural strength to climb any mountain and walk through any fire.  He will bless us with abundant joy no matter what is ahead.  God will fulfill the desires of our heart with good things.  God will shower His love on us that casts our all fear.  He will abundantly provide every good thing that He sees fit for us in His perfect timing.

So check your eyes...where are they looking?  If they aren't defaulted to look to God first, then ask the Holy Spirit to help you change any patterns or thoughts that cause you to look elsewhere.  Looking to God first is definitely God's best for you!!



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