Who Is Jesus To You?

Who Is Jesus To You?

 John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

A few months ago, the Lord prompted  me to read through the book of John….to read through it with a different perspective. 

Who is Jesus?  What was Jesus like? Do I truly know him? 

If I am a Christian, and a follower of Christ, then what was Jesus Christ really like?  Who did he talk to, what did he say, how did he say it to them?  What was his heart like….and how does that compare to my heart?

A couple weeks ago I finished the book and felt the prompting of the Lord to read through it again…..like there is so much I missed and now the Lord wanted to teach me even more. 

As I began reading the first few sentences in the book, I immediately stopped.  I cried out to the Lord….”I want to know you more Jesus….do I truly know you my Lord?

  I want to have an even deeper relationship with you…I want to hear you even clearer…I want you to truly be my best friend…”  The Lord was stirring deep as I truly began to question the intimacy of my relationship with him.

John 1:1 says, “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…”  The words of this jumped off the pages and into my heart….Jesus!  You are the Word of God…..as I read everything in the Bible….it is you….you talking to me…and me listening to you!! 

If I want to have a best friend relationship with Jesus, I must know who he is…he IS the Word of God…and to know the Word of God, I must read it!  It’s all about him.  That is the simplest was to come closer to him in relationship. 

If I want to truly want a changed, transformed, renewed mind and life….I must read the Bible….slowly with keen listening ears and an open heart.

It’s not something as a Christian God is forcing me to do under a set of rules….no actually it is a gift…as a born again believer, as I read the Word, the Holy Spirit actually teaches me and reveals the mysteries that were once hidden but now revealed.  Jesus said in John 14:7 that if I want to know who God is, then know who he is.

So who is Jesus?  Do you truly know him?  I have been a “Christian” for almost 27 years…and I have read through the Bible several times over the years…..I know all about him….but I would say it was just recently that I could actually say he’s my best friend…that I truly know him, TRULY trust him, truly BELIEVE him.

Jesus is the Word of God….I cannot get enough…and I encourage you to hunger and thirst for it….devour it and let’s journey together to have the abundant life of intimacy with the best friend this world could ever offer.

xoxo ashley

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